Learn How to Start Coding

Why Coding? (Is coding for me)

Start by asking yourself – why do I want to learn to code? Do you want to build an app or website, automate boring stuff, or unlock new career opportunities? Knowing your motivations will inspire you along the journey.

Pick an Easy-Start Language

Next, choose a beginner-friendly coding language to start with. Options like Python, JavaScript and Scratch use plain English words and are less complicated to learn. Pick one that lets you build what matches your interests.

Take Advantage of Free Online Classes

You’d be amazed at the high quality coding classes now available for free online. Look for hands-on video courses that let you follow along building real projects step-by-step to boost confidence. Consider joining an online community for help too.

Watch How the Pros Do It

Got code block? YouTube tutorials and sites like GitHub let average joes like us study how professional coders write real-world programs. Seeing examples demystifies how it all connects together. Reverse engineer just a small part at first before trying your own edit.

Apply Learning with a Nifty Project

Once you grasp the basics, reinforce your knowledge by trying out a neat coding project idea. Start super simple – maybe an on-screen greeting or digital coin flipper. Bringing even humble creations to life will inspire you to level up. Before you know it, you’ll be making magic with code!

Stay curious and Optimistic

Believe in yourself!! Approach coding challenges bit-by-bit. With the wealth of help resources out there today, anyone willing to start can learn to code.

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